Music workshops & entertainment

Since 2005 we have been delivering music wokshops of all scales - per class / level / music specialty / cultural or harmony day event /assemblies.

Our workshops range from 15 mins to 50mins long.

Also we have begun taking bookings at our studios for schools visiting Gouger St, or Chinatown.

Come along for a highlight to your tour as you experience some different music and gain insights about them.

We offer solo or group acts, which can be tailored to provide the best entertainment for your event.


Currently available are:

Solo / Duo / Trio - Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa

Oriental Flair - 8 piece strings - 4 guzhengs & a string quartet

Chinese Ensemble - 4 or more guzhengs and other instruments (Liuqin/Pipa/Erhu/Ruan/Dizi)


Please contact us for further information, or follow us on facebook for updates on public performances!

Past Performances

Oriental Flair - Guzheng trio


Zhao Liang, Joel Ang and Lan Lieu at State Library 2018

Oriental Flair with string quartet


A unique 8 piece ensemble, consisting of Eastern and Western stringsmedley of east and west pieces

Guzhengs: Zhao Liang, Joel Ang and Lan Lieu

Erhu: David Dai

String Quartet: Lynda Latu, Daisy Elliott, Jenny Hu, Alex Chen Jack Overall

Music Arrangement for all instruments: Joel Ang

San Ureshi 

Zhao Liang, Satomi Ohnishi, David Dai, Blair Yin

Chinese new year workshop at Adelaide Festival Centre 

School of Chinese Music & Arts' own Five Little Ducks!


San Ureshi 

Zhao Liang, Satomi Ohnishi, David Dai, Lan Lieu

Green by Lan Lieu, arranged by Satomi Ohnishi