Calligraphy scroll writing - customised


For a special gift, consider a message for them written in Chinese calligraphy and in a scroll.

      ❄️ Wall scrolls are ready to hang and convenient to carry.

             No frame or mat required.

      ❄️ Available for shipping 7 - 12 days after your order of calligraphy is                   created. 

      ❄️ Quotes available upon enquiry

Please email us for a quote.



We facilitate fun and educational cultural arts &/or craft workshops, tailored to suit ages 3 and above.

Suitable for public, private functions or school workshops.


We offer workshops in:

❄️ Chinese painting (school art workshop only)

❄️ Chinese calligraphy, name writing

❄️ Oriental crafts (Fan making, lantern making, fan-making, panda, mask making etc)

❄️ Lantern making

❄️ Earthy Clay making

❄️ Chinese Opera 

❄️ Lion Dance

Contact us to organise or tailor a workshop for your next public event or school workshop.


Adelaide Zoo 2009
IMG_2531 (1)_edited
3 yo writing chinese calligraphy
Trinity College Yr 10 student's work
IMG_7427 (1)
Trinity College Yr 9 student's work
Trinity College Yr 7 student's work