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AN Oriental Flair 

An Oriental Flair began its journey in 2014 - formed initially to collaborate with Young Adelaide Voices for OzAsia Festival's Moon Lantern festival closing program in 2014. 
The set did not get to perform due to weather and we continued as a group, with initial founding members:

In 2018, it is now a program where we have involved high school students in our last two 
Fringe performances. Most music are rearranged for this unique orchestra - by Joel Ang.

Always a sell-out, we are grateful to our audience and community for supporting our cause and growth -
to truly become an Australian-Chinese orchestra.

If your schools or organizations have an interest in collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us.

OzAsia Festival 2018 - An Oriental Flair with ACO

"Aussie Medley"

Music arrangement: Joel Ang

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016 - An Oriental Flair


"Battling the Typhoon"

A fusion of 3 chinese guzhengs and a string quarteta medley of east and west pieces

Guzhengs: Zhao Liang, Joel Ang and Lan Lieu

String Quartet: Lynda Latu, Daisy Elliott, Jenny Hu, Jack Overall

Music arrangement for strings: Joel Ang

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