We began with the teaching of this instrument at the South Australian Chinese Welfare Services. Today, we have expanded to include other musical classes for the Chinese Pi Pa (Lute), Chinese Violin (Er-hu); as well as Chinese Arts classes for Mandarin (Chinese) & Chinese calligraphy. Our services have been recognised in the community and we are honoured to have the support of the Chinatown Association South Australia, the Adelaide University Confucius Institute as well as the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association South Australia. We have been actively sharing our knowledge and services through teaching and conducting workshops in events and schools.

In the recent years, we have been working with more Arts Organisations such as the Adelaide Festival Centre, Better World Arts, Carclew Youth Arts as well as local councils, the City of Salisbury, City of Playford and City of Charles Sturt. We look forward to expanding our engagement with the community in 2010 with the pandas arriving at Adelaide zoo! We will be working towards a more artistic & cultural involvement with local schools & community!

Since 2007, we have also begun our sales of Chinese Instruments within Australia & New Zealand. Today, we are the main distributors of Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instruments within Australia & we are stockists of most chinese musical instruments. We have been recognised for our friendly services & timely delivery with our instruments.

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Our Vision is: ” To promote Chinese Music & Arts with Respect & Integrity for all others “

~ The Chinese Harp : Gu-zheng ~

The Chinese Harp is traditionally known as the Gu-Zheng in Mandarin, and is one of the oldest instruments in Chinese history. It is commonly linked to the Gu-Qin, but is an authentic instrument itself. A poem by Fu Xuan in the Jin dynasty, describes the Guzheng as,

” The top (of the guzheng) is similar to the skies,
The bottom is similar to the earth;
The hollow inside contains the Universe,
The bridges imitates the twelve moons,
As is stands, yin & yang is present,
As it is played, the pentatonic tones (five sounds) are sounded;

The guzheng is played with the extensions of nails,
which is only to represent our fingers.
( It leads to) Change & transform of habits & traditions,
The eradicating of the old & welcoming of the new,
The interchange of the pure & contaminated,
Thus, there is a beginning & an ending. “

A Biography of our Chinese Harpist : Zhaohong Liang

I was born in Singapore and arrived in Australia when I was turning 15. I started learning the gu-zheng when I was six, together with the piano. Whilst I was still living in Singapore, upon starting high school, I also began the Chinese Violin (Erhu).

We migrated to Australia 2 years later and after completing high school in Bathurst, NSW, I’ve come over to Adelaide with my family. Having started my studies at UniSA, I began teaching the Chinese Harp in 2004. It was really out of interest and a passion to keep it alive and we’ve come so far!

Since then, it’s been a great honour to be invited to perform & participate at several significant events in South Australia, such as,

  • The Chinatown Gouger St Gate Opening in 2004
  • The first OzAsia Festival in 2007
  • The South Australia Olympics Appeal Dinner 2007 & 2008
  • The Adelaide Fringe Festival with “East Meets West” in 2008
  • The Three Anangu Stories, WoMAD 2009 http://www.womadelaide.com.au/line-up/visual-arts/three-anangu-stories
  • OzAsia Festival 2009
  • ZooFest Adelaide Zoo 2009

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Mobile: 0433 213526

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