2020 Program 


Private Classes - Chinese Music


At present, we offer private individual and group classes in:


       Guzheng (古箏)                                                          Pipa (琵琶)                                                          Dizi (笛子)                                                      Erhu (二胡)     

Also known as the Chinese harp,                  Similar to flamenco guitar                               The Chinese flute is made of                  The Chinese violin only

it is a melodic instrument &                           playing, it is a beautiful                                    bamboo. They are authentic                   has two strings. The most

easy to begin with                                            instrument to be seen with!                            in its own way, fluttery and sweet!        sentimental instrument!

Classes avail Tues - Sun                                   Classes avail Fri & Sat                                       Classes avail  Tues & Wed                       Classes avail Sat & Sun

                                                                                 Zhongruan (中阮)                                                                               Liuqin (柳琴)

                                                                                 Commonly known as the                                                                    We commonly refer to it as the

                                                                                 Chinese guitar - this instrument has                                                 Chinese mandolin - it is a uke-sized

                                                                                 4 strings and produces a warm                                                         pipa. Very popular amongst musicians

                                                                                 resonance                                                                                              and guitar players

                                                                                 Classes avail Sun & Mon                                                                     Classes avail Sun & Mon






Students  will have an opportunity to take Central Conservatory of Music exams and receive certification.

Solo Classes

Students can choose to attend half hour or one hour classes. All classes are taught as 1 class per week for 5 or 10 weeks.


Group Classes

There are ten 1 hour group classes per term.

All instruments purchased with us will come with free classes. Please contact us for further details


We have also commenced online classes for music lovers with the instrument, but seeking clarification or questions on the instrument.

Please feel free to email us to enquire for more details / book a session with our facilitators.

Available for all instruments listed: 

Guzheng / Erhu / Pipa / Zhongruan / Liuqin / Dizi 

All facilitators are bilingual with extensive music performance and teaching experience